Links I Like: 2.3.17

nutrition newsHappy Friday! I think it’s going to be a good weekend to stay indoors (other than going for a walk). Cold, grey and drippy, it appears. Perfect weather for cooking (from my pantry) and writing…and continuing the let’s-make-our-basement-look-less-like-an-episode-of-Hoarders project (our planned garage sale in April can’t happen soon enough). I’ve also been reading more fiction in the last two weeks. I used to read a lot of fiction, but that tapered off when I went back to grad school, and never fully picked back up (I read a lot of non-fiction). However, as collective anxiety levels seem to have increased since January 20, I find that allowing my brain to dive into a fictional world is a most pleasant distraction when everything else feels like it’s just too much. Even if the political news is stressful, this nutrition news, hopefully, is not!

Have a good weekend!