Links I Like: 4.21.17

nutrition newsHappy Friday! It’s been a crazy week, punctuated by a talk I gave to doctors and other health providers at the Obesity Medicine Association conference here in Seattle. I talked about the Mediterranean Diet for Weight Management and Cardiometabolic Health, a topic I enjoy. I also found myself sharing my professional opinion about how even the most nutritious and health-promoting diet won’t help much if someone is struggling with emotional eating or doesn’t know how to cook (which is why I never hand my patients ready-made meal plans). In the panel discussion that followed the dietitian portion of the program (there were four of us speaking on different eating plans), we managed to offer up not just nutrition science, but a number of plugs for intuitive and mindful eating. Yay! That’s conference 1 of 2 for me in a week’s timespan (more on that below), but first, some nutrition news for your weekend reading:

I’m off to Yakima this weekend to speak at the annual conference of the Washington State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. I’m co-giving the keynote address, talking about how to “Deliver Your Message in Today’s World of Dynamic Communications.” That basically means I get to spend 40 minutes talking about two of the things I love best, nutrition and writing. I can’t wait! But before that, I get to go pay a visit to my future puppy. We don’t know which of the litter we’ll be taking home with us, but it might be one of these four butterballs (or one of the other three not captured in this photo):

If kittens are more your thing, I recommend checking out these butterballs. Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll be back next week with a long-overdue review of the book Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchfield (she’ll also be speaking at this weekend’s conference). Along with my review, I’ll include “outtakes” (e.g., fantastic quotes I didn’t have space to use) from quotes she gave me for articles on yo-yo dieting that I wrote for The Washington Post (link to it here) and Today’s Dietitian magazine (due out soon). Rebecca also has a fantastic podcast…I highly recommend!