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Happy Friday! I’ve got a few updates to share…starting with this website’s new tagline: Nourishing mind, body and soul.

The old tagline, which I’ve had (with one small tweak along the way) since I started my blog in 2010 was: Helping you achieve optimal health and mind-body wellness, one bite at a time.

Avoiding confusion

It was a good tagline, and I liked it, but over the last few months I became concerned that it could be misinterpreted as promoting an idealized vision of optimal health, and that every bite you put in your mouth had better be a healthy one. Of course, that was not at all my thought process (especially because there’s quite enough healthism in the world already).

No, my idea of optimal health is that it’s different for everyone, based on their genetics, prior health history, age and bandwidth to focus on health. And to me, “one bite at at time” means that small steps add up. But, words can be misinterpreted, as evidenced by two back-to-back comments on my last Washington Post article (which I didn’t read, but my husband did and gave me the Cliff’s Notes version): one was something about how I was clearly someone who had “given up” and the next was that I was clearly someone who “had never had to worry about their weight” and how nice for me. Same article, two diametrically different interpretations.

Anyway, I did a little consulting with some likeminded RDs, and they agreed the old tagline could be misinterpreted, and so now you have it, my new tagline. I rather like it. I write about nutrition and cooking, so the part about nourishing bodies should be obvious, but I also write about topics like intuitive and mindful eating (and plan to do even more of that this year), so that brings in the mind and soul part. True holistic health!

Recently in the news

Speaking of mindful eating, I was quoted earlier this month in a article about the benefits of mindfulness. I also had quotes in two U.S. News and World Report health articles, “Eating for your bones” and “Eating for your skin.” And…the Aaptiv article “How much protein do you really need?

One last thing

If you haven’t signed up for my 2018 Book Club, it’s not too late. Click here for all the details. And have a lovely weekend!

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