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What This Blog is About

This blog is about all things related to nutrition and health. I write posts about my own life, as well as posts about the broader nutrition universe. While I do sometimes post photos of what I eat, or lists of what I buy when out food shopping, that’s not the focus of this blog. (As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there’s no shortage of people who based their blogs on “what I ate” posts. I simply decided from Day 1 to not do that type of blog.) Here’s a overview of the types of things I write about:

  • Recipes, food shopping and meal planning
  • Fitness (since physical activity and good nutrition go hand-in-hand)
  • Nutrition research
  • Travel (generally emphasizing food and activity)
  • Links to interesting articles/posts/videos
  • Becoming and being a registered dietitian nutritionist (my “RDville” posts)
  • Motivation and goal setting
  • Body image and Health at Every Size

Finding Posts

I typically post 3 days a week. However, if I get snowed under with work and other projects, I occasionally disappear for a few days…or even a week (gulp). This blog is a labor of love, and I don’t earn any income from it, so, sometimes out of sheer economic necessity it drops below income-generating activities on my priority list. When I take an occasional planned blog vacation (coinciding with an actual vacation), I’ll do post a head’s up.

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Beyond the Blog

If you are interested in On Nutrition columns I’ve written for The Seattle Times, you can access them all on my author page on the Times’ website. I’ve also grouped my columns by category (with links) on my Nutrition Writing page (in the nav bar under “Work With Me.” You’ll also find links to assorted other articles, guest posts and podcasts that I’ve done.

The Major Collections

In case that’s not enough to whet your appetite, I’ve curated compiled some link “collections” for you:

Nutrition & Pregnancy Series

Health at Every Size (HAES) Series

Eating Disorders, Dieting & Body Image

  • Diabulimia: A double disaster
  • On Nutrition: Does healthy eating have a tipping point?
  • Orthorexia: The view from both sides
  • Reading about orthorexia
  • Orthorexia: Seeking and finding help
  • What happens when diets really fail?
  • Obesity, dieting and eating disorders
  • FNCE 2013: The wrap up
  • Conversations about weight bullying
  • Renfrew wrap-up
  • Put mindfulness on the menu
  • One of the best quotes ever
  • HAES and why dieting doesn’t usually work
  • The facts about eating disorders
  • Don’t let looks deceive you
  • The war on women’s bodies
  • The art and science of self-compassion
  • On Nutrition: Anorexia, anxiety and control
  • Time to put the breaks on body talk
  • Eating disorders and the gifted child
  • Bites from the Eating Psychology Conference


  • Synergy in cancer prevention
  • Sugar shock, Part 1
  • Sugar: How low do I go?
  • What will it take?
  • No, no twigs and leaves here
  • Eat your medicine, Part 1
  • Eat your medicine, Part 2
  • Lessons in life and death
  • Beyond vitamins and minerals
  • An ounce of cancer prevention
  • Fish tales and red wine fears
  • The best cancer-prevention diet
  • Bring the cancer prevention diet home
  • Recipe rescue: How to pump up the flavor
  • On Nutrition: Fighting cancer with food
  • The perils of nutrition research

Celiac disease & Gluten Sensitivity

  • One grain more
  • On Nutrition: Should you go gluten free?
  • Sorting out gluten-related disorders
  • When gluten’s not to blame
  • What have you been wondering about gluten?
  • Links I like: Special Gluten Edition
  • The nuts and bolts of gluten
  • Infographic: Is gluten really a bad thing?
  • How does gluten affect your body?
  • A new tool for sleuthing out gluten

Road To RDville (The Student Years)

  • Great beginnings
  • Will my brain burst?
  • Things I’m thankful for
  • Hypochondriac? Me?
  • And we’re off!
  • This and that
  • Disappearing act
  • Round 3
  • Synergy
  • Return of the foodie
  • Back to school
  • Old and new
  • Expanding my skill set
  • Seeing the light
  • The end is in sight
  • Practice makes perfect
  • PCOS and FODMAPs 1
  • Separation anxiety
  • PCOS and FODMAPs 2
  • An education
  • Winding down, revving up
  • Wrapping up with a bang
  • Books and covers
  • Sink or swim
  • School of hard knocks
  • More Med diet
  • Shifting gears
  • Freaky Friday
  • The final countdown
  • MIA
  • Who’s the expert? (Part 1)
  • Who’s the expert? (Part 2) (July 2)
  • Change, again
  • Assume nothing
  • Beginning again
  • Tip of the iceberg
  • FNCE 2013
  • The final stretch (November 18)
  • So close! (December 10)
  • A clean slate
  • Test day

Greetings From RDville (The Professional Years)

  • Continuing ed
  • Happy RDN day!
  • Finding meaning
  • Before and after
  • Biding my time