Carrie Dennett Contact

Hello! Thank you for (considering) contacting me

Due to the volume of email I receive, three things to know before you hit “send”:

  1. I only accept guest posts from registered dietitians (RDs or RDNs). If you are a registered dietitian (or are a dietetic student, or at least have a college degree in nutrition) and you would like to write a guest post, I warmly welcome your pitches. You can find more details here. I will delete all other guest post requests without a reply.
  2. I cannot offer individual nutrition advice via email. It would be unethical on my part and, honestly, probably not that helpful to you since you aren’t my patient and I haven’t done a full nutrition assessment. I don’t mind briefly answering more general questions, especially if they’re related to an article I’ve written!
  3. I try to respond to emails within 1-2 days. However, the reality is that if you catch me at a time when I have a zillion writing deadlines looming, or I’m traveling, it may be closer to a week. I really do try to respond to all emails that don’t break rule #1 or #2.