Carrie Dennett Contact

Hello! Thank you for (considering) contacting me

Due to the volume of email I receive, I am unable to respond to everyone. A few things to know before you hit “send”:

  1. Have an interview request for an article or broadcast? Please click here.
  2. I am not accepting guest posts at this time.
  3. I can’t offer individual nutrition advice via email. It would be unethical on my part and, honestly, probably not that helpful to you since you aren’t my patient and I haven’t done a full nutrition assessment. I don’t mind briefly answering more general questions, especially if they’re related to an article I’ve written!
  4. If you are writing in response to one of my articles, and I’ve already responded to multiple emails about that article, I might not respond to yours. I have to draw a line somewhere, or I would never get any work done!