Carrie Dennett nutrition counseling


Nutrition Therapy and Counseling for Weight Concerns

I offer nutrition counseling through Dr. Susan Baumgaertel’s Menu for Change Program in downtown Seattle.

In this science-based, holistic program I use a whole-foods focus to health, well-being and a healthy weight. This isn’t about going on a diet, this is about making sustainable changes to support health and well-being, and creating a more peaceful relationship with food. Whether you struggle with nutrition confusion, emotional eating or all-or-nothingitis, we can help!

I combine nutrition education with intuitive and mindful eating techniques to meet each patient where they are and help them move forward on their journey to better nourishment, self-care, and improved health.

Menu for Change has a minimum 6-month commitment. Visit the website or call the number below for more details.

(Looking for nutrition counseling for something other than a weight concern? I can see individuals for nutrition-related issues like irritable bowel syndrome and general gut health, pre-diabetes, and guidance on following an anti-inflammatory diet. I can also help you with meal planning and get the ball rolling on developing kitchen confidence. Just call the number below to talk to our amazing front desk staff!)


mfc_saladInitial appointment

We’ll talk about your food history, your past and current health habits and any medical concerns you have. I’ll learn about what’s important to you, what’s worked (or not worked) for you in the past, and all the other important details that will help us create your individualized plan for eating well and being well. This appointment is about you and how I can help you.

Follow-Up Appointments

We’ll work together to make adjustments as needed to help refine your goals and your plan. It takes time toform new habits…together we will build a firm foundation for a healthier you!



Menu for Change

Empowerment and Accountability with a Lasting Impact

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